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No job is too small for Atlantic Coast Concrete. We have been providing quality concrete service and solutions for 15 years.

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Atlantic Coast Concrete is a locally owned business serving the Southeast since 2002. Atlantic Coast Concrete specializes in all facets of the decorative concrete industry. We offer design conseltation to ensure you get the product you want. Between the three principles, ACC has over 25 years in the decorative concrete industry. ACC has partnered with a large commercial concrete contractor, AM & E Concrete Construction, to ensure control of major projects from start to finish. From 1,000 sq. ft. to 100,000 sq. ft., we have the manpower and expertise to make your project happen. Each project is unique to us as it it to your.


Colored and Stamped Concrete
An extensive selection of concrete imprinting and concrete texturing tools make it possible to create virtually any texture.

Decorative Saw Cuts
If you make a saw-cut in gray concrete, you create pattern. It can be a grid pattern or a graphic design that stands alone without the addition of color. Saw-cuts also define the location for additional treatments such as color, stain, sandblast or stenciling. Simple grids or complex designs cut into the slab can enhance concrete—taking it from plain gray to multi-colored.

Stamped Concrete Restoration / Maintanence
Our decorative concrete overlays process has several features, advantages and benefits that can repair or restore failed stamped concrete jobs. Our unique process offers exciting opportunities to renovate your existing, new or planned surfaces. Example:

Spraydeck Knockdown
A very versatile finish, used mostly for pool decks, walkways and sidewalks. Spraydeck is a single component system; it include the cement and sand plus all the additives including polymer modifiers and other admixtures. You can use tape or stencils to create designs, trowel it down creating a texture, spray it down with a Hopper Gun and either do a Knock Down finish or Splatter Texture.